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Americans are on the brink of an exhaustion epidemic…

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“I really liked the experience and I can feel a difference…I am 47 years old and felt like I could use the boost and it delivered.”

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“I have noticed [my ability to maintain] energy levels and my sleep, and I have lost some weight.”

That’s why after years of stunning successes with men and women from all walks of life…

It’s time to share this energy secret directly with health-conscious Americans like you.


Because you’ve been left in the dark about what’s really zapping you of youthful energy – the sort of energy you enjoyed when you were younger.

It’s not solved by an artificial caffeine jolt that vanishes in hours and leaves you burnt out.

I’m talking about the secret to smooth, lasting, all-day energy that will have you breezing through your to-do list with ease.

But let’s be clear.

This is NOT what you’ll hear from most Doctors…

This Is A NEW Way To Refresh
Your Body’s Hidden Power Generators

Yellow Knoch

You see, deep inside the trillions of cells that make up your body lie microscopic power factories called mitochondria.  You’ve likely heard all about them.

Their role? To turn the food you eat into the ATP that fuels your movements, thoughts, and zest for life.

But that’s not all they do.

Mitochondria keep us warm, support muscle function by storing calcium, and clear away damaged or dead cells from your system.

They’re a big deal.

But as we age, it becomes harder for our mitochondria to multiply and produce adequate energy for all our cells.

Leaving you to feel tired, worn out, and…old.


Now, cutting-edge research reveals a breakthrough way to support mitochondrial function for sustained energy all day long.

Using a powerful ingredient that researchers call a “mitochondrial rejuvenator,” I’ve created a first-of-its-kind formula supporting the hidden factories in your cells. 1

My patients are proving how this helps you feel decades younger—with overflowing vitality—so you can…


Keep up with the kids and grandkids as you chase them around the park.


Recall details from years before, shocking friends and family alike.


Feel awake and alert as soon as the morning sun touches your face.


Maintain the vigor you need to remain strong, smart, and healthy.


So, if you’re tired of feeling tired, it’s time to reclaim your youthful energy — backed by real science.

In fact, we know how to help your mitochondria multiply and perform in a way they would in a younger state.

And reinvigorate the “get up and go” attitude you thought you lost forever.

With the help of advanced age rejuvenators like this, I’m comfortable with saying…

“I Created The Most Powerful Mitochondrial Health Formula Ever”

Mito-Essence was recently introduced and it’s truly the most powerful formula of its kind in America for increasing your energy levels, slowing down the effects of aging and potentially adding years to your life.

A High Level Of Energy Is The Essence Of Being Healthy—No Matter What Your Age


Johns Hopkins Medicine sums this up perfectly with a statement I’ve always deeply believed in.

They report, “Getting older doesn’t automatically mean less vibrancy and vigor, or lower energy levels—no matter what our youth-obsessed culture would have you believe.” 2

Take a moment and think back a decade or so…

Imagine recapturing your boundless energy, alertness, and a feeling of optimism--getting up in the morning and looking forward to the day.

That’s how you’ll feel again when you increase your energy level.


After a stroll through the park with long-time friends, you feel far more energized than you have in the past.


Walking up stairs that were once an occasional struggle is now a breeze.


Sports you once actively played are now still an important part of enjoying life.

I’m not surprised in the least…

What’s the first thing you notice when you start getting older?

It’s your lack of energy. The single most important step you can take is getting your mitochondria functioning the way nature designed them to.

It’s time you finally took control of your independence and longevity. This means laying out a blueprint for specific steps to take. That’s what I have now done for you with my breakthrough.


You should know the real cause of why your body gets old before it's time. Remarkably, it has nothing to do with your actual age, and everything to do with weakening mitochondria and declining energy levels that take a toll on every organ in your body.


The Harvard Medical School Says Healthy Mitochondria Can Help You Recapture Your Youthful Energy And Vitality…

They report, “Mitochondria are the power stations of your cells that convert nutrients into energy. This is essential to the health of your cells and to the health of your tissues and organs.” 3


The Cleveland Clinic Reveals, “Mitochondria Produce 90% Of The Energy Your Body Needs To Function”

This respected research institution reveals the enormous role they play in keeping you healthy.

They report, “Hundreds to thousands of mitochondria are in nearly every cell in your body. Their job is to process oxygen and convert substances from the foods you eat into energy.” 4

Mitochondria number in the quadrillions in your body. Imagine supplying you with 90% of the energy you need. That’s extraordinary.

It also reveals the importance of keeping them healthy so they can help your cells stay healthy.

But here’s the catch…

As you get older, your mitochondria can lose their effectiveness to fuel your cells with energy.  This leads to occasional feelings of exhaustion.


The National Institutes Of Health Reveal That Your Mitochondria Have A Big Impact On How You Age

They report, “Mitochondria influence or regulate a number of key aspects of aging. Strategies directed at improving mitochondrial quality might have far-reaching beneficial effects.”


Healthline Confirm Weakening Mitochondria Speed Aging And Poor Health

They report, “If you’ve ever marveled at the boundless energy of little kids, you may have wondered why you don’t have the same vigor” 

“Tucked away in your body’s cells, mitochondria convert the food you eat and the oxygen you breathe into energy.”

They finally add, “As you get into advanced age, the amount of mitochondria you have tends to decline. So does their ability to function. This results in less energy.”7

I Am Convinced You Can Maintain Good Health Into Old Age By Taking My Groundbreaking New Discovery, Mito-Essence

Right now, it’s breaking records and changing lives. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen…

“My Lifetime Achievement Is Seeing How Mito-Essence Helps My Patients”

I am proud to say that I have created an effective, research-backed way to renew the remarkable power of your mitochondria.

This new super-science works at the cellular level, creating the most powerful formula you can find in America today.

After 18 Years, I’ve Found 7 Nutrients That Strengthen Your Mitochondria—And They’re All In Mito-Essence

I’ll go over the entire formula in just a moment, but to give you an idea of how exciting this is, here’s a quick outline of what I’ve found after 18 years of intense research.


Your Body is Fighting This War—And It Could Be Losing

As you age, your heart is under greater stress because it’s more difficult to pump blood. Your lungs struggle for oxygen because they’re weaker. Your thinking is foggy because your brain cells are desperate for energy so their cells can communicate with one another.

You have to support these vital functions if you are to have a life worth living.

Without mitochondria pumping out energy, you can speed up aging. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to stay as young as possible for as long as possible, minimizing the effects of aging.


I Call These 7 Nutrients My “Super Protectors” Because They Cleanse Away The Dangerous Toxins That Degrade Your Mitochondria

These rigorously researched nutrients turn your mitochondria into powerful, efficient generators of energy—exactly what you need. I’ll go into much greater detail later on how they help you, but this overview gives you a good sense of it.


N-Acetyl Cysteine:

Is a powerful amino acid that can help protect against free radicals and support the health of your mitochondria.8



Is a form of the amino acid L-carnitine, which shuttles fatty acids into your mitochondria, increasing the level of energy it can produce.9


Rhodiola Rosea:

Is a powerful adaptogen. Adaptogens are plant extracts that help you fend off stress10 caused by environmental factors.  In Scandinavia and the Himalayas, it’s used for increasing endurance and energy.



Guards your mitochondria against damaging free radicals and supports a soothing effect on your tissues.11



Also helps counter the activity of AGEs which is related to aging. When glucose binds to your proteins, this forms AGEs, accelerating the aging process. This valuable nutrient supports an enzyme that helps eliminate them. It also supports healthy brain function.12



Helps boost your body’s level of NAD, a valuable coenzyme that lessens stress as well as increases your ability to derive more clean energy from the food you consume.13



Helps your body convert food into fuel (glucose), which is then used to produce energy. It strongly supports your mitochondria, which are responsible for energy creation for your entire body.14


I researched hundreds of compounds to find the exact combination of nutrients that work together to aggressively support your mitochondria in the ways I’ve found most effective.

I settled on the above 7 nutrients as the best in class. The detailed research that went into finding them is nothing new to me.

All My Life I’ve Kept An Open Mind And A Sharp Eye on Promising New Medical Breakthroughs To Help My Patients

All too often, the general public is never told about exciting new nutrients and supplements until decades later. They’re rarely profiled in the mainstream press or on broadcast networks.

Imagine how many people missed out on countless natural health-building nutrients that could have changed their lives. Their golden years could have been so much more enjoyable—if only they were told of these emerging breakthroughs early on.

“That’s Why I’m Now Telling You About
Mito-Essence, So You Can Power Up
Your Energy Level Like It Was Decades Ago”

My formula is exactly what your mitochondria need to supercharge your physical stamina and energy levels.

And you won’t wait years to read about it in the mainstream press or see it on the nightly news broadcasts.

It’s yours right now.

The Need For Mito-Essence Has Never Been Greater…

When’s the last time you went to your doctor and he or she asked you, “How’s your mitochondria doing?”

I suspect never.

You can add years of quality time to your life, making every day more rewarding--not just “getting by” which too many people settle for.

Since mitochondria have such an enormous impact on your health, strengthening them could even be the fastest, most effective way to help maintain great health into older age.


You want to be full of energy and be able to enjoy the physical capabilities you had when you were younger.

I believe that the health of your mitochondria is indeed the final word on the state of your health.

The Single Greatest Danger Your Mitochondria Face Today Is A Toxic Barrage 

Our environment has quickly become unnatural, foreign, and harmful. In pre-industrial times, while we didn’t have the benefits and comforts of modern society, we also didn’t have pesticides, hormones, PCBs, chemical pollutants, expired pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals, among others. The list is considerable and troubling…


The Environmental Working Group describes how young children are born with 287 chemicals in their body.


Earth Justice reveals how an estimated 3,000 chemicals that have never been tested by the FDA appear in our food.


The Harvard Medical School finds a “witch’s brew” of drugs  and hormones in drinking water in 30 states”.

I’m not saying all this to scare you.

As a doctor, these have been a concern of mine for well over 25 years. When you learn to adapt to this new world, you can live a vibrant, robust life. Every day you’re facing new challenges

The impact your mitochondria have is huge for the reason I mentioned earlier: they’re the source of 90% of your body’s energy.  Quite simply, energy is like the gas that runs your car.

Imagine Two Extra Decades Of Vibrant, Independent Living With My Science-Backed, All-Natural Solution


The formula for Mito-Essence is a result of a lifetime’s worth of work that I am proud of.

I’ve worked with close colleagues around the world who are leaders in their fields of specialties.

I’ve studied the healing arts from many other countries that have been successfully maintained for generations.

By combining mother nature with modern science, I believe that Mito-Essence is your prescription for profoundly powerful wellness that lasts.

It starts with fortifying your mitochondria, the basis for all good health. The ingredients in my new formula strategically keep them healthier, longer, and more effective.

I believe this could easily be the future of how to maintain optimal health into old age.

Let’s take a closer look at these 7 extraordinary ingredients in Mito-Essence.

Mito-Booster #1:

N-Acetyl Cysteine Is The First Line Of Defense For Your Mitochondria

I’m sure you’ve heard of N-Acetyl Cysteine, widely called NAC. This amino acid is one of the most versatile, powerful, time-tested nutrients you’ll ever find.

I recommend it without a single hesitation to all my patients.

It’s in Mito-Essence because it protects your mitochondria with a vengeance, removing dangerous free radicals and the toxic wastes that accumulate, slowing down your energy production.

NAC is one of those rare “must-have” nutrients that helps you strengthen aspects of your vital immune system while also increasing your energy.15


It’s in high demand because it’s a precursor of glutathione, meaning it is used as part of the necessary amino acids to actually make glutathione.

Glutathione Has Acquired Legendary Status Because Of Its Breathtaking Power As A Health-Renewing Antioxidant 

Glutathione is one of the strongest and most protective molecules found in nature.

When glutathione is maintained at optimal levels it offers the highest antioxidant protection, supporting good health.

Glutathione is a very small protein made from three amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamate. It’s often called the “master antioxidant” because it boosts and recycles other antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid vitamins C, E, and even CoQ10.16


Medical News Today reports that, in addition to cleaning out the sludge from your mitochondria, Glutathione can make DNA--the building blocks of proteins and cells, support your immune system, and help your liver and gallbladder deal with fats. It even can play a role in the detoxification of heavy metals.

I Added NAC To My Formula Because The Glutathione It Creates Destroys Free Radicals That Harm Your Mitochondria


Free radicals damage your mitochondria’s DNA. Earlier I mentioned the miraculous fact that your mitochondria are the only other organelles that have their own DNA, in addition to your cells.

This mitochondrial DNA is critically important to the ways energy is produced within the mitochondria.

Free radicals damage your genetic code, having a serious impact on your ability to help your cells maintain good health.

When a cell becomes damaged and then replicates itself, the cell grows weaker because it’s replicating a flawed cell.

Over time, this leads to poor health which can make life miserable. It’s like xeroxing a photograph over and over again. The copies rapidly lose their crispness and definition.

Glutathione’s Protective Power Gives You The Ability To Take Control Of Your Health Like Never Before  

I already told you about the remarkable improvements you can expect in overall health, energy, well-being, and greater stamina. The benefits are almost endless. Imagine…


Supporting a healthy heart with robust circulation so it circulates health-enhancing nutrients to every cell, tissue, and organ


Building a better brain, staying sharp and alert, improving concentration, and stopping occasionally forgetting things


Enjoying smooth, youthful looking skin as you age


Strengthening your muscles with surprising ease, even during vigorous use


And reinforcing the vital functions that support you in maintaining good health into your golden years.

Glutathione’s powers are now making headlines…

Integrative Medicine reveals, “Glutathione is critical for protection of your mitochondria from free radicals.”

Science Direct states, “NAC can be a protective agent given its ability to increase glutathione in the mitochondria.”

I believe a low level of Glutathione is why you could be feeling old. Your cells age and production of this unique molecule plunges. Fortunately, today there’s a lot you can do to regain youthful energy and maintain wellness.

I’ve seen patients turn this around by giving their bodies the building blocks of Glutathione. You’ll find the support for them in Mito-Essence.

Mito-Booster #2:

Acetyl-L Carnitine Removes Toxic Wastes from Your Mitochondria

This remarkable amino acid is another team member in Mito-Essence that plays a key role in quickly fueling your cells with high energy levels.

Solid science backs this up. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (“carnitine”) has a well-earned reputation for helping your cells create energy by shuttling fats to be used as fuel. Most of the cells in your body contain carnitine, which is made in your liver and kidneys.3 The key is boosting its level so your energy can be promptly restored.

I added carnitine because it also gets rid of waste products that quickly accumulate in your mitochondria.


Carnitine Has Two Major Functions…

Group 124359

First, it transports long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria. Think of them as the fuel it needs to function.  These fatty acids are burned in the mitochondria--like a form of gasoline—that produces energy and, of course, resulting waste.

Group 124358

Second, it then transports these wastes and toxic compounds out of your mitochondria, preventing unwanted build-up. Without taking out the garbage, your mitochondria begin to function poorly meaning energy production slows substantially.


L-carnitine also plays a major part in protecting delicate cellular membranes in your mitochondria, preventing fatty acid accumulation, and controlling ketogenesis and glucogenesis. What are those?

They’re simply two chemical processes that provide energy to your body when you’re not consuming enough carbohydrates.17

As You Age, Your L-Carnitine Level Goes Down Sharply


When we’re young and healthy, our bodies naturally produce these nutrients in healthy amounts; but as we age—meaning 45+ years or older--your levels of acetyl-L-carnitine and CoQ10 decline. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition warns you of the consequences.18

They reveal, “Among all the substances whose concentration decreases with age, L-carnitine decline is fundamentally important, given its function in the production of energy.” 


The highly respected MAYO Clinic backs up my view as to why you’ll find this powerhouse in Mito-Essence. They report, “L-carnitine plays a critical role in the production of energy from long-chain fatty acids.”19

Mito-Booster #3:

Rhodiola Rosea Strengthens Your Endurance And Increases Energy


Rhodiola is a unique herbal remedy from the forested flatlands in the Arctic areas of Northern Europe and parts of Asia.

Like many prominent all-natural remedies today, they earned their modern-day reputation by being used by generation after generation with remarkable results.

Users back in those pre-modern times didn’t know why something worked, but they did know it helped them maintain good health. And that’s what counts. I personally believe that many of the best remedies on earth are not made from harsh, manmade chemicals.

Rhodiola was making news for helping people in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland as far back as 1725.20

Today, a small but growing group of Americans have experienced its remarkable ability to increase your energy, improve endurance, and even possibly live longer.

I Used Rhodiola Rosea Because It’s Remarkably Effective For Increasing Energy, Improving Endurance, And Maybe Living Longer

Stunning research has verified what others knew for hundreds of years. This remarkable plant is a highly effective adaptogen.

Adaptogens earned this name because they’re able to adapt to what your body needs to maintain a healthy balance —it could be more energy when you’re tired, the power to keep walking up that hill, or the ability to remain calm when under stress. That’s something we all definitely need today.

Rhodiola’s fatigue-fighting and energy-increasing powers make it a perfect fit for Mito-Essence.

Here’s another good example I find very impressive…


This plant has been tested and shown to improve symptoms of burnout which is a symptom of many kinds of intense stress.

A well-respected journal I read reported on a study of 118 people with stress-related burnout who consumed 400 mg of rhodiola for 12 weeks.21

The results were excellent.


The participants experienced clear improvements in stress levels and the ability to better handle their problems without the constant discomfort that made each day miserable.  The feeling of being burned out, tired, or low energy, went down substantially.

The exciting part was that the greatest improvement occurred in the very first week.

This continued throughout the study resulting in a high level of satisfaction.

Stop Wondering If You Have The
“Energy and Stamina” To Make It Through The Day Or Go On A Walk Through The Park 

When I saw the long history rhodiola had for increasing energy, I knew it was destined to become a valuable energy and endurance booster in Mito-Essence.

Study after study impressed me with its little-known capabilities.


According to a 42-day study appearing in PLoS on nursing students working late night shift work--Rhodiola rosea helped reduce their fatigue levels far more than the placebo.22

The rhodiola nutrient works at the cellular level, so its impact is lasting. Coffee, sugary drinks, and chocolate spike your energy, soon followed by a crash.

A Longer Life Is Everyone’s Dream—Researchers At The University of California Say It’s A Very Real Possibility

Rhodiola rosea is just now being explored for its many possible benefits of extending life. The University of California has closely studied its anti-aging abilities for over a full decade.

Their intense study was on extending the lives of fruit flies, an accepted medical practice in early stage research. Even still, what they discovered was stunning. They found out that rhodiola increased fruit fly lifespan by up to 25%.23


This does not necessarily mean that humans will immediately get this same benefit, but this is highly encouraging and clearly age-defying. There’s a reason rhodiola has been praised by users in Asia and Europe for centuries.

Additional research has greatly increased interest in this gift from nature. I believe that rhodiola deserves a role in your program for better health and a longer life. That’s why it’s in Mito-Essence.

Mito-Booster #4:

Benfotiamine Stops Compounds Called AGEs That Speed Aging

One of the biggest reasons we begin to feel older than we are and less energized is because of harmful compounds called Advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

AGEs have the effect of speeding aging. They victimize you when protein or fat is combined with sugar in your bloodstream. This process is called glycation (2). This is a relatively new discovery.

The Good News Is There’s A Lot You Can Do to Stop Them.


Excellent research today is discovering how benfotiamine is making it easier for your body to make AGEs harmless liquids and then flush them away--without side effects, spending a fortune, or undergoing painful tests. More on this in a moment.

A lot is at stake. I can’t stress this enough.

If you do nothing, AGEs will make you pay a steep price in your health and appearance of looking older and feeble. They can:


Speed your aging, making you look a decade older


Give you sagging, wrinkled skin that’s unattractive


Make you feel 15 years older than you are, ready for an early nap


Disrupt cell-to-cell communication that’s essential in managing every organ of your body


Negatively impact your nerves, often causing discomfort


Creating microvascular damage in your small blood vessels.

If all of the above doesn’t make you feel old before your time, I don’t know what will. Let’s move on to the good news I promised you.

Science Now Lets You Almost--Reverse the Effects of Aging With A Super Enzyme Called Transketolase


Few people have ever heard of it, even among doctors it’s little-known, but it packs a real punch against AGEs. The results are astonishing.

Benfotiamine supports the activity of transketolase which turns AGEs into harmless chemicals that can be eliminated from your body.

This largely prevents the catastrophic damage AGEs can do over time. Slowing down your rate of aging this way also has countless hugely valuable longevity benefits.

Knocking Out Your AGEs Could Add Years To Not Only Your Lifespan But Also Your HEALTHSPAN

We all want a long life, but as long as it’s a healthy one. Who wants to spend the last 15 years of your life in a painful spiral downwards? Staying healthy is now a very real possibility. Again, my patients prove it. Consider…

Transketolase helps stop the serious damage AGEs can do to your endothelial cells that line your arteries and capillaries. Endothelial cells play a crucial role in your health, especially strong blood circulation.

They give you a barrier between your blood and the tissues of your body. Your endothelial cells act like a “pipe” that directs your blood flow so it goes where it needs to.

Without them, your blood would splash around anywhere in your body. This feature is especially important in your brain. Your endothelial cells are a key part of your blood-brain barrier, essential for clear thinking.


If they weren’t contained, blood would never be able to nourish this critical organ and its cells would misfire causing cognition problems.

Endothelial cells even help produce the much needed nitric oxide which helps widen arteries and increase blood flow. This helps platelets from sticking to vessel walls, boosts full-body circulation, and even helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Being Fat Soluble Is A Major Advantage For Aging Well
— Helpful Nutrients Stay In Your Body Longer

Benfotiamine has a record of sharply reducing AGE creation for a reason no one expected. It’s a fat-soluble form of thiamine, also known as vitamin B1.

This gives it a much higher bioavailability, allowing it to strongly increase AGE-fighting thiamine levels in your blood and tissues. Being fat soluble is a major advantage few people realize.

Fat-soluble vitamins are dissolved in fat globules so they can be much better absorbed by your entire body. These globules then quickly circulate through your entire bloodstream.


Unlike water-soluble vitamins, your excess fat-soluble vitamins are then stored in your liver and fatty tissues for when you need them again.

I don’t want you to be anxious about an uncertain future, always worrying about your next check-up. I want you to feel secure about living a long healthy life and being optimistic about tomorrow.

Mito-Booster #5:

Luteolin Slows Aging By Destroying Dangerous Free Radicals


Including luteolin in Mito-Essence tells you how determined I am in stopping AGEs and increasing your energy close to youthful levels.

Luteolin is a flavonoid you’ll find in many fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Its reputation in the medical field is rapidly growing as research reveals how it protects mitochondria against free radical damage, soothes tissues which slows aging, and limits the creation of energy-destroying AGEs.

Flavonoids protect plants from microbes and other environmental threats as well as provide us with a wide range of health benefits.

You can find them in parsley, olive oil, rosemary, celery, thyme, green peppers, and chamomile tea.

Luteolin Has A Well-Earned Reputation For Guarding Your Mitochondria By Neutralizing Free Radicals

As you know, your mitochondria are remarkably vulnerable to free radical attacks. Since protecting them against free radicals is so important, almost all of my ingredients in Mito-Essence in one way or another confronts them.

Consider what these top studies reveal…

Science Direct reveals, “Luteolin promotes mitochondrial protection.”24

Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine reports that some studies on animals say luteolin may combat mitochondrial aging by activating cellular antioxidant production and may claim the title "anti-aging molecule."25


As if this wasn’t enough…

In a study on rats, Neurochemical Research adds luteolin could be a “preferable agent to protect cognitive function.”26

Above all, it successfully addresses the question of maintaining good health as you grow older.

Luteolin’s Ability To Help Stop AGEs Could Extend Your Life For This Little-Known Reason About Getting Older

Science is now reporting that one of your greatest risks is simply getting older. If you give it a moment’s thought, it makes sense.

We all know that as we get older, our health seems to decline. We see it in our own family and circle of friends.

The idea of confronting this challenge with Luteolin is still in its earliest stages of discovery in terms of working for people. Yet the emerging evidence appears to get stronger by the day.


I find it very encouraging because Luteolin confronts AGEs that are genuinely harmful when it comes to getting older.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that “Luteolin directly inhibits AGE formation at early, middle, and late stages in their development—more powerfully than standard chemical AGE-inhibitors.”27


Being Among The First To Introduce Exciting New Natural Options To My Patients Is A Driving Force For Me

It’s rare for you to hear about any real health promoting options from the mainstream press.

They prefer to cover plane crashes and political scandals.

Odds are that even your own doctor might not know the cutting-edge breakthroughs. You might find out years later, but why wait when you don’t have to?

Research today is moving at warp speed and you could easily find the answer to maintaining good health into old age.

Consider what top scientific minds are now saying.

Nature researchers challenge the idea that “aging” is linked to your lifespan, writing “significant ambiguity arises from the overreliance on lifespan as a proxy marker for aging.”28

The Harvard Medical School reports on the biology of aging stating, “How your body ages and how to keep it young. No one wants to become forgetful or less energetic as they age, but growing old is unavoidable—or is it?”29


Now You See Why Stopping AGEs Is So important And Why
I Added Luteolin To Mito-Essence

As you’ve read, the idea of increasing your energy is why I created Mito-Essence. But it also goes way beyond that. Since your mitochondria supply you with 90% of your energy, this is certainly its central mission.

But after accomplishing this, the floodgates are opened to a vast number of remarkably important health benefits. Healthy mitochondria could lengthen your life and help you feel great even into old age.

As a doctor, I can promise you that healthier cells equal a healthier life. Luteolin helps you get there. It’s a welcomed addition to the
Mito-Essence team.

Mito-Booster #6:

Niacinamide Helps Your Mitochondria Produce Much More Energy

Earlier I mentioned that your mitochondria produce the energy your body needs to stay healthy. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that supports your body’s production of NAD, which helps your mitochondria get energy from the food you eat. This increases your body’s production of clean energy.


The National Institutes Of Health Praises The Remarkable Ability Of NAD To Make Your Mitochondria “Power Factories”

They reveal “Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is one of the most important and interesting molecules in your body.”30


It’s rare for a conservative Institution like them to highly praise a potential health enhancer in this way. There’s good reason they said this.

Your mitochondria rely on a healthy, reliable stock of NAD to pump out energy that supports every organ in your body.  Unfortunately, your NAD are super vulnerable to a wide range of dangerous man-made elements like toxins.

This is a key point I’ve always made…

Molecular Cell Biology reports, “Remarkably, aging is accompanied by a gradual decline in tissue and cellular NAD+ levels. ”

They add, “This aging can be slowed down and even reversed by restoring NAD+ levels.”31


NADs Could Bring You Two Extra Decades Of  Healthy, Independent Living By Repairing Trillions Of  Cells And Organs In Your Body

NAD plays a key role in dramatically increasing your energy level, but science has also discovered that it does a lot more than that.

In fact, it’s a vital regulator of how long you can live, how you age, the condition of your DNA, the health of your cells, and much more.


The Hindawi Journal reports that “NAD is a critical regulator of aging and longevity.”32

Just one of these benefits could add countless healthy years to your life by strengthening your DNA and rewinding your energy level back to where it was a decade or so ago.

These are realistic goals for anyone who takes these smart, health-promoting steps right now.

Exciting New Research Led Scientists At The Harvard Medical School To Discover This Blockbuster Finding

The Harvard Gazette breaks the news. They report on “a critical insight into how and why the body’s ability to fix DNA dwindles over time points to a previously unknown role for NAD as a key regulator of interactions in DNA repair.”33

This is major news because the results are astonishing.

Your DNA is where your genetic information for each living cell is kept.

As the Harvard Medical School reports, NAD plays a prominent role in directing the complex processes that support your DNA.

Without NAD, your life just wouldn’t be the same...

Your DNA Is In Chemical Form—Making It Vulnerable To Toxins 

The 24/7 reach of toxins like pesticides, hormones, PCBs, chemical pollutants, thrown-away pharmaceuticals, and heavy metals, among hundreds more is disturbing. More on this threat coming up!34

Science Direct says they’re getting more threatening. “Chemical pollution is a growing peril and potential catastrophic risk to humanity.”35

The Natural Resources Defense Council warns you, “More than 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States, most haven't been adequately tested for their effects on human health.”36


Mito-Booster #7:

Riboflavin Increases the Efficiency & Power of Your Mitochondria 

Keeping your body young and healthy means making sure your mitochondria have every possible advantage in pumping out energy to support your health.

This was my guiding thought when I created Mito-Essence. Adding riboflavin is exactly what my research verified as a wise move.

Riboflavin Also Helps Your Mitochondria Function at Full Capacity


Also known as vitamin B2, riboflavin helps break down the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you consume.

Riboflavin then converts these carbohydrates into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is energy. Your body produces ATP from food, and ATP produces your energy as your body requires it. This includes storing energy in your muscles for when you need it.

This Remarkable Vitamin Helps Your Mitochondria Run At Full Capacity For Maximum Energy Output

Science Direct reports that riboflavin is extremely important as a molecule that helps your mitochondria reliably function at higher levels, meaning a steady flow of energy.

Riboflavin is a versatile vitamin that is also known to help…


Your body efficiently use oxygen


Maintain a healthy liver


Keep your eyes, nerves, and skin healthy


Break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to produce energy


Support good eye health


Maintain healthy mucous membranes  in your digestive system

When a Major Medical Publication Warns You, 
Take Them Very Seriously


The Journal of Clinical Medicine reports on the enormous importance of riboflavin saying “any disturbance in the absorption of this vitamin may have consequences on your mitochondria.” 37

When it comes to looking and feeling great again, Mito-Essence is exactly what your body needs to retain the energy and vigor of youth.

Riboflavin helps keep you in good shape, able to get around with ease and do what you really enjoy as you grow older.

Looking For the Fountain of Youth? Forget About Myths—Science Is Closing In On Reversing The Look And Feel Of Aging

It’s time for you to reclaim your younger self by feeling fully energized in a way that stays with you.


Energy to get through your most stressful days--without the late afternoon crash from sugar highs.


The physical stamina to do the activities you once thought were super fun and entertaining—and still feel ready to go the next morning.


Have an army of healthy mitochondria throwing a fortress around your health. Stop worrying about what’s in store for you.

When TIME Magazine is seeing the future of turning back your clock, you know they’re on to something…


“Reversing Aging: Not As Crazy As You Think—Making Old Cells Young Again!”38

When I saw that headline in TIME magazine, it caught my attention. I’ve been a strong advocate of credible anti-aging strategies for over 30 years.

Credible means they’re based on solid science backed up by objective medical research….

I was delighted with their article—especially since their message was based on the mitochondria’s ability to promote youthful energy levels in animal models.   

TIME Magazine Also Reports On A Top Harvard Professor Who Reveals How To Keep Your Mitochondria From “Shutting Down” 

They ask, “What makes cells age? Wear and tear, yes. But biologically, says, Dr. David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, “It’s lack of oxygen that signals cells it’s their time to go.”

“Without oxygen, the energy engines known as the mitochondria become less efficient at turning fuel like glucose into the energy that the cells need to function. Eventually, they shut down.”39

Fortunately, with your Mitochondria, there’s a lot you can do to pump up their strength and increase their longevity.

Molecular Cell reports the good news. They say, “Strategies directed at improving mitochondrial quality and function might have far-reaching beneficial effects.”40 

I know this is true, I’ve seen it work--which you’re about to see first-hand. My patients are living proof.

I ask them how they’re doing. Are they more energetic, active, feeling optimistic about facing each day? The responses are positive and heartfelt.

This is one of the greatest rewards I have for being their doctor and helping them live the lives they’ve always wanted.

You Don’t Need A Medical Degree To Understand What Weakened Mitochondria Can Do To You

Consider just one fact I mentioned: they produce 90% of the energy your body needs to work.

Even if you lost just 20% of your energy, your life would be miserable. Consider this disturbing, documented fact about how far your mitochondria can plunge.


A Study Revealed That The Muscle Tissue Of A 90-Year-Old Man Contained 95% Damaged Mitochondria--While A 5-Year-Old Had None41

This startling fact comes from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, a highly respected institution. The older you get, the more they decline UNLESS you take action to stop this trend.

Everything Your Body Does, From Lifting A Fork To Eating, Tying Your Shoes, Staying Warm, To Speaking Requires Energy

The energy that you use comes from the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet.

Your body can’t use them directly. Instead, you need to convert them into a form of energy that cells can use called ATP, which I mentioned earlier. For your body, the change from “food energy” to ATP energy in your mitochondria.

If your mitochondria are not working properly, then you can’t convert food into ATP energy.

For cells that require a lot of energy, like your heart, brain, and muscles, this is not an optimal state of health you want.


The Quality Of The Life You Lead Is Largely Determined By How Healthy You Are

But there’s another element that plays a major role—it’s how you’re viewed by people you meet. This is another reason for feeling good and looking as youthful as possible.

What Can You Expect When You Take Mito-Essence? Here’s A Week-By-Week
Breakdown. And It's Spectacular  

Sure, all people are different, but I feel confident that you’ll be in for the surprise of your life. Why?

You’ll FEEL the difference faster than you imagine. The care and research that went into creating Mito-Essence literally spanned 18 years. My research helps you pick up all the exciting activities you thought you had to leave behind.

I’ve made it my personal mission to help you enjoy your coming years in outstanding health.


Let’s talk about the first and second weeks: You start feeling more energized than ever before.

Walking up and down stairs is now surprisingly easy. That “old” feeling of being occasionally exhausted before you reach the very top step is beginning to quickly vanish. Also, you now feel less winded.


Moving on to the 3rd and 4th week: You feel more energized than ever before: you now have a noticeably high level of energy that doesn’t fade away.

Not only do you have more energy, this new wave of oxygen is beginning to support your lifestyle.

Remembering things seems easier, you feel your circulation is improved, that occasional “drained” feeling you get during the day seems to vanish, and you even have a newfound sense of calm.


In 6 to 8 weeks, the accumulating benefits seem more pronounced. Not only are you steadily energized, but you like what you see in the mirror. 

Your skin seems to be less wrinkled and rough. It feels smoother and more hydrated.

The free radicals that speed cell aging are being routinely eliminated by my potent ingredients. They’re helping other key organs, not just your skin. You’re surprised by your sense of being renewed.


In 9 to 12 weeks, you have a flooding sense of wellness, along with much more energy. This is what you always hoped for. 

Your entire system feels energized because your energy is almost totally restored, fueling the well-being of your other organs. Remember, they rely on energy, to survive ensuring your wellness and vitality.

You’ve never tried anything like Mito-Essence and its 7 superpower ingredients, the greatest gift nature ever gave you. Your life should be a vibrant adventure.

Forbes Magazine Says People Judge In The First 7 Seconds They Meet You Beat ‘em By Looking & Feeling GREAT!

In the June 19, 2018 issue of Forbes magazine, they report, “First impressions are important, but you may not know just how little time you have to actually make one. Within the first seven seconds of meeting, people will have a solid impression of who you are.”

They add,” People will judge you on your looks long before they judge your words or actions. After all, it only takes a fraction of a second to start making snap judgments.”42


I know what you’re thinking. That’s not fair!

And I agree with you, it’s not. But unfortunately, it seems to be the way the world works these days. Imagine, 7 seconds and they’ve come to a conclusion about you.

My Advice Is Simple: Beat Them At Their Own Game By Looking Your Best, Moving Like You’re Younger, And Feeling Pumped Full Of YOUTHFUL ENERGY 

Mito-Essence helps you supercharge your energy level by getting your mitochondria in fighting shape, working at the top of their game. It’s jaw-dropping how much energy they create for you. Even a slight improvement could get you feeling a good 15 years younger.

Here’s the Question People Always Ask About Taking All-Natural Supplements 

Almost without fail, they wonder, “Does this really work?

And I can understand why. The vast majority of them just don’t make the grade and measure up to what I consider to be the most important steps for maintaining and protecting good health.

The path to a truly effective formula for longevity is long, and highly technical, requiring a high level of expertise and experience.

I know. I’ve spent the last 30 years formulating them.

That’s why my development team uses the highest-quality ingredients possible, backed by extensive research.

And I would never release a formula I wouldn’t be willing to take myself…


For A Moment, I May Sound A Bit Self-Congratulatory…

My patients have seen remarkably good results and this is not a question I’ve been asked for years. Their level of satisfaction is remarkably high.

My entire career has been based on being first when others were not.

That’s where my 7 ingredients in Mito-Essence come in.

I am absolutely convinced they’re the next generation of nutraceuticals, offering you relief that could change your life.

I Invite You to Come Join Me. 

I am proud to tell you that you risk nothing. Mito-Essence is everything I’ve told you—and I mean everything—or else you won’t pay a penny.

I’ve never believed that you should have to pay for something you don’t want. 

I’ve Gone Over A Lot of Facts. Let Me Sum It Up And Answer Some Questions You May Have

You’ve Read About The Incredible Supply Chain Problems. I Could Be Out of Stock if You Delay…  

I’m OK for now, but I honestly don’t know how long that will last. From giant companies to small ones, we all share the very same concern about this growing bottleneck.

Your Health Is My REAL PRIORITY—Don’t Put It Off

I believe that Mito-Essence is a genuine breakthrough that can have a life-changing impact on your daily living and even longevity. It’s not something you should put off like buying a new lawn mower.

Every day does indeed count.

You know that winded, exhausted, bone-tired feeling? Who wants to live like that? You’re NOT stuck with it for life like so many believe.

You can combat it and win.

I’ve done it with my patients who are stunned by their results. But you need Mito-Essence—and the sooner you begin the sooner you could see real results. 

Consider what the media is now reporting on this growing problem…please don’t let this take a toll on your health.


ABC NEWS REPORTS, “The supply-chain bottlenecks -- around the world -- have caused record shortages of many products that American consumers are used to having”43


60 MINUTES INVESTIGATES, “It's exposed deep flaws in America's supply chain – a web of problems that have saddled the country with product shortages and backlogs.”44


CNBC WARNS, “The supply chain crisis has become one of the biggest challenges governments now face.”45


Mito-Essence Brings You 7 Scientifically Selected Nutrients From Across America—No Small Task

As you’d expect from a shipping log jam, getting ingredients into our manufacturer is a challenge for sure.

Especially since we have 7 of them. We have a team dedicated to doing just this in order for us to meet the extraordinary demand for Mito-Essence.

Here’s my concern: if you feel Mito-Essence can help you, in uncertain times you should play it safe and get your order in as soon as possible.

For Now, I Have A Supply For You—All I Ask Is That You Act Promptly—Ordering Is Easy And Fast 

Demand for Mito-Essence is substantial, but I still have available inventory for now.

As a doctor, I urge you to take my best offer. Why? It guarantees that you receive Mito-Essence every month at my LOWEST PRICE and you save 30% off the cost of each bottle, my biggest discount.

The secret to getting results is to take Mito-Essence consistently. More on all this in a moment.

I urge you to turn on your TV, pick up a newspaper, and put the radio on—you’re bound to hear a story about the supply chain concerns.

Remember, with 7 ingredients in Mito-Essence, it’s a challenge to ship them the moment they’re needed by our manufacturer.

I’m elated to tell you that we’ve been able to do this so far. But I’m always concerned about the near-term future. Please consider ordering now if you feel Mito-Essence can help you.

By increasing your energy level and powering up your mitochondria, the full-body benefits are almost limitless.

This includes building powerful immunity, reversing the effects of poor health habits, raising your endurance, staying active into your 70s, 80s, and 90s, sharpening your memory and focus, lessening the effects of high stress, and more.


The prestigious SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN reported the following in an article on how mitochondria can help you live a longer, better life, stating…

“Researchers Draw New Connections Between Aging And Mitochondrial Health”

This says it all.

If you could live longer and be healthier, what more could you ask for?

Please take a moment and order now before we run out of stock. Ordering is easy.

When you click on your choice, you’ll be taken to my Ultra-Secure Order page. Your order should arrive in just a few days.

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