ESA Pet vs Pettable:

Which One is the Best?

ESA Pet and Pettable both provide emotional support and psychiatric service animal letters. However, their approaches and verification processes can differ.

After comparing, we found that ESA Pet is the best for issuing reliable and verified ESA and PSD letters. With ESA Pet, you can feel confident that your documentation will be accepted and respected. Their dedication to quality and legitimacy makes them the top choice.


Choosing between ESA Pet and Pettable can be tough, especially when you need a reliable ESA or PSD letter. Both offer great support, but picking the right one is very important. You want a service that ensures your letter is legitimate and accepted wherever needed.

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ESA Pet Brings You the Legitimacy You Need

ESA Pet ensures your ESA and PSD letters are 100% legit and recognized nationwide. Our licensed therapists in the USA carefully evaluate each case. They ensure the letters meet all legal requirements for housing, travel, and more. ESA Pet provides official documents tailored to your needs and supported by licensed mental health professionals.

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How to Get an ESA Letter Online

Getting an ESA letter online with ESA Pet is simple. Here are the three easy steps to get an ESA letter for your emotional support animals:



Start by completing a brief, confidential survey that asks a few simple questions. This pre-screening helps professionals understand your needs and determine if you qualify for an ESA. The survey is quick, and only authorized personnel can access your responses.



After the pre-screening, ESA Pet will connect you with an LMHP in your state. During the teleconsultation, the professional will test your mental and emotional health to determine if an emotional support animal would benefit you.


Issuing the Letter:

The licensed mental health professional will issue a signed ESA letter if approved. You will receive a digital copy of your ESA certification within 24 to 48 hours, ready for immediate use.



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